Friday, September 27, 2013

Reflection #4

Looking Back:

  • This Text Project has become easier.
  • I have found different ways to make it more complex
  • I want to make sure the work all blends together

Looking Ahead:

  • I want to be able to reflect on my process in a better way
  • I want to add more silver to my text project
  • Try and collect more ideas of what to put on my art
  • Want to finish my sketchbook homework soon


This week has been pretty productive. I feel that I am starting to pick the pace up and start to see some progress in my text portrait. It is starting to look cool and be filled with different patterns and ideas which is something i intended to do. I am hoping to finish my sketchbook soon but I do find it a little more challenging with the tasks assigned. I think that drawing of observation has really been good. I think the previous ones have been easier and more fun than the hallways drawing

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Portrait of Henry

When thinking of my brother, marks came easily at first. Wise, Successful, Hardworking, Leader, Smart, Decisive, Kinda, and sometimes rude. I wanted my portrait shape to be a visual aspect of him which is tall. Cutting it narrow I started adding my marks. Wanting each mark to flow and blend into one another, I tried very hard to stay away from making each mark look like it had to be just thrown on there someway. Successful, I am pleased how my work turned out and how each mark really identified my brother in the visual aspect.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Reflection #3

Looking Back:
-Done with Mark Making Portrait
-Started Text portrait
-Experimented and changed idea
-Started over

Looking Ahead:
-Make my text portrait detailed
-Make sketchbook cool looking

This week has been a little bit more challenging than others. I started on an idea but didn't follow through with it. I like what I am doing now better instead but really am hoping it turns out the way I want it to. This week we handed in our sketchbooks and I found it harder than I thought. I want my sketchbook to look good when filled so I want to spend extra time on each spread.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Reflection #2 sep 13

Looking Back:

  • Finished mark making portray
  • Making a accidental mark is hard
  • If I get frustrated take a break
  • Sketch booking is fun

Looking Ahead:

  • Finishing my homework
  • Finishing the cover of my sketchbook
  • Getting the perfect spill mark on my cave painting
  • Making my cave painting detailed and intricate 


The past weeks have been great. I have been able to immediately think of ideas for each project. some harder than others, I have learned its hard to make a mark look accidental. I hope my next piece is very nice and turns out the way I hope it will.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reflection #1

Looking Back:

  • Made a new blogger
  • Started first project
  • Spent a couple days on 8 squares
  • Started first portrait

Looking Ahead:

  • Think about how I will make portrait my best
  • Talk to more people
  • Bring headphones

I have really enjoyed the first 2 weeks. I was a little bit nervous coming into a drawing class because I think I am a better painter. I was glad to see the materials we should be using and the black and white theme we were given. I love to work with ink and I was also pleased to be able to incorporate using a paintbrush into some of my work already. This portrait so far has pleased me. The portrait itself has come more naturally unlike the 8 boxes which was a little bit more challenging. I am excited to start fresh in a new sketchbook and hopefully really fill it with completely covered pages. Cant wait to see finished products at the end of this term!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Sep 2nd

Finger prints on moms glasses. I took this in my living room on saturday night.
 These are condensation marks left on a wine glass. I took this Tonight in the living room.
 These are my kittens paw prints on the floor from 6 years ago. This is in my art room upstairs and taken last night.
These are marks left in a wooden railing headed upstairs. This was taken yesterday afternoon.