Friday, September 6, 2013

Reflection #1

Looking Back:

  • Made a new blogger
  • Started first project
  • Spent a couple days on 8 squares
  • Started first portrait

Looking Ahead:

  • Think about how I will make portrait my best
  • Talk to more people
  • Bring headphones

I have really enjoyed the first 2 weeks. I was a little bit nervous coming into a drawing class because I think I am a better painter. I was glad to see the materials we should be using and the black and white theme we were given. I love to work with ink and I was also pleased to be able to incorporate using a paintbrush into some of my work already. This portrait so far has pleased me. The portrait itself has come more naturally unlike the 8 boxes which was a little bit more challenging. I am excited to start fresh in a new sketchbook and hopefully really fill it with completely covered pages. Cant wait to see finished products at the end of this term!

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