Friday, September 27, 2013

Reflection #4

Looking Back:

  • This Text Project has become easier.
  • I have found different ways to make it more complex
  • I want to make sure the work all blends together

Looking Ahead:

  • I want to be able to reflect on my process in a better way
  • I want to add more silver to my text project
  • Try and collect more ideas of what to put on my art
  • Want to finish my sketchbook homework soon


This week has been pretty productive. I feel that I am starting to pick the pace up and start to see some progress in my text portrait. It is starting to look cool and be filled with different patterns and ideas which is something i intended to do. I am hoping to finish my sketchbook soon but I do find it a little more challenging with the tasks assigned. I think that drawing of observation has really been good. I think the previous ones have been easier and more fun than the hallways drawing

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