Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This past weekend I decided to go to the MFA. I thought it would be a good place where I could get inspiriting for my final project. The first thing I saw was the gorgeous jewelry which I thought was so beautiful. I then walked throughout the european art and found myself hating the big portraits of the typical woman in a big dress holding her baby. I don't know why but I really just don't like these dark and kind of depressing pictures but it might be because they all seem to look them same with the same facial expression. I also walked by these little etches that were so teeny tiny and so detailed. When I was through with the european art I eagerly wanted to see the contemporary art section. I was immediately struck by this massive silver sculpture that was crinkled and was a rectangle. I liked this because it reminded me of the photos I reblog on my personal tumblr page. I also liked the glitz factor to it. When I saw the contemporary art section I was disappointed on how small it was but it was filled with great works of art so I suppose its alright. I did LOVE some certain pieces and even saw a work of one of the artists (Chuck Close) we had talked about which was really cool. I was happy to have seen a really interesting piece made by Jason Middlebrook who uses paint, glam, and wood into his pieces which I can relate to. I am now kind of obsessed with him and am inspired to use paint, pencil, glam and wood in my project.

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