Thursday, February 6, 2014

Slideshow Feb 6th

 I love the way Yang Yongliang installs the artwork. I find this piece very cool because there are so may parts to it making one big picture. I liked it because I thought the size of the cigarette was really cool and the way it hung was very interesting. It really captured my eye when I noticed the pile of ashes were surrounded by flowers. I thought it brought a sense of innocence to a unhealthy habit. I want to try and make objects out of lots of little papers similar to his work.

I was attracted to Polly's work because of the color and design. I can relate to making drawing and paintings kind of similar to her work. I like her use of color and the evolution of shapes that she uses. My favorite thing about her work is how everything leads to one another. It is also rad how she makes artwork on the floor. Her art does a good job of making the viewer happy and bright like her art.

 I LOVE Letha Wilson's work. It is so cool how she can take the average nature picture and make it so much more than that. I really love how she incorporate certain shapes with certain photos. She has inspired me to do something like this. I also noticed her work has some illusions to it which is interesting to the viewer.

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