Monday, April 7, 2014

Final Product Visualized

When I see my piece in my workspace it camouflages itself. Taking a step back and looking at it from further away it becomes harder to find, almost like wheres Waldo. Because it is smaller it gets swelled by everything surrounding it especially because it is surrounded by other colorful photographs. When I visualize it in the gallery it is easier to find. Being hung next to all my other pieces which go along with the same theme, it stands out more and all of them as a whole become one big piece.  I visualize this on the center of the wall where Izzy English's piece was hung.

The reality of my work in the gallery.
1. Finish as many drawings as I can.
2. Start thinking about how they can all be hanged together and or if they should be framed.
3. Should there be a bold and glamorous frame to go withe the theme or would that take away from the drawings?
4. I have 4 and a half pictures done

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6

Right before break I finished my best piece yet. The picture is a close up of a woman with sprinkles on her nails and lips. I loved this piece the best because I love how the detail of the eyes were so intense that it captured the audience right away. Right now I am trying to make my future draw ins as detailed and good as this one but I'm finding it hard to find photos that do just that. I just started a new piece with a woman with her hand and ring on her face. I accomplished a lot in the 2 hours I have spent working on it but am trying to make the eyes really pop like the previous picture.